Phishing Net


Stay one step ahead of cyber threats with our cutting-edge service. Detecting suspicious domain registrations and spoofed websites to protect your business from malicious actors.

Our comprehensive reports provide invaluable insights and actionable intelligence, safeguarding your reputation, data, and financial well-being. Trust our innovative solution for robust defence against cyber threats.

Innovative threat hunting at the core of what we do.


Our cutting-edge solution is designed to empower businesses in safeguarding their brand and reputation against online threats with utmost professionalism. We specialize in providing a tailored approach that identifies and mitigates fraudulent domains that are susceptible to targeted phishing campaigns.

Additionally, we offer a meticulously crafted and bespoke VPN service that seamlessly integrates into your business infrastructure without causing any disruptions. This service acts as an impregnable barrier, ensuring that known malicious traffic and impersonating websites never infiltrate your network. Rest assured, your business and its operations will remain secure, allowing you to focus on what matters most.

Phishing / Spoofed Domains

We conduct thorough searches of the internet for typo, combo and homograph squatting domains that are attempting to impersonate your business or brand.

Simple & Understandable Reports and Dashboards (Coming Soon)

The results of what we identify are shared in simple data reports and dashboards enabling you to make quick decisions on what domains you need to block to protect yourself, your staff and your business.

Pin Point Data to make Data Driven Decisions

We provide all of the necessary information for you to understand and identify suspicious domains that are registered potentially impersonating your business or brand.